About Studio

Eccentric Animation studio

Eccentric aniamtion studio has Animation Experts in Architectural interior – exterior and Landscape scenes. We design gleaming presentations for Advertising, Property Development, Real Estate, consultant & Media production.Perhaps we work for future conceptual animation for new ideas can’t  reflect without 3d Rendering


Eccentric Animation Studio Founded on September 2012 at Chennai,India by architects and CG Architects to create Perfect marketing visualizing design in 3D. Our Goal is high-quality and reliable production of 3D illustrations and cinematic animations. Eccentric’s creative team is devoted to meeting the goals of our clients, creating successful cutting-edge projects and establishing long-term client relationships.

Our Goal

Our company’s animators, architects,designers, and managers is the towards to deliver great digital solution.we are
Oriented towards the client’s needs, each project is assigned a project manager,who oversees the project from the beginning stages to the final Output. Our goal is to meet your requests and create a positive experience.


Working in this field for over 5 years, we know exactly what problems you may encounter when you order 3D, as by its own design studio, we were able to practice the right agency to organize visualization with the internal rules, processes, standards, in which you get the agreed quality images and perspectives on time.

We work with private interiors, fully accompanied the project from the white walls to the final render, create presentations tender offices, winning customers with dozens of projects, working with public spaces and restaurants, creating an atmosphere and comfort; supply the architectural designs of amazing landscapes and, if necessary invent design and adapt our 3D ready projects to suit your needs, freeing up many hours of your time to communicate with the final client and other work.

Specifically, our services are different from freelancing. Priority to those benefits for you? We do not know, but that is what will determine whether you are our customer or not.